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General Information on Booking

You can book both some services and the whole tour package in our office. At present we can also provide you with airtickets from your country to Ukraine and back, but this kind of services is quite pioneer for us, and sometimes there can be problems.
In 48 hours you will receive your booking  confirmation and invoice for paying.

Order of hotels and tours booking
You are asked to send E-mail message message giving
  • route or cities / towns to be visited
  • hotel
  • category of rooms
  • name of a client
  • terms of staying and meals services
  • arrival and departure flights / trains
  • required transportation: train / car and route
  • need of transfer, meeting / seeing off .
Booking of air and train tickets
Send E-mail giving the required date, route, compartment category.

Booking of transfers
Send E-mail with information about the city where transfer is required, number of arrival train and time of arrival, number of tourists to be met.

Booking road transportation
Send E-mail message about the route required, the number of persons.

Commission uor office
Booking both a service and the whole tour package, the company charges the following commission:
if the tour package price is upto USD 100,     commission is USD 10;
if the tour package price is USD 101 to 500,  commission is USD 25
if the tour package price is USD above 500,   commission is 5% of tour price.
( Note: While calculating company's commission, the package tour doesn't include the international airtickets price).

Conditions of payment
Our office accepts following ways of paying: bank transfer to company's account according to the sent invoice credit card VISA, MASTER CARD (+ 4% commission of Ukrainian banks) cash after the arrival to Ukraine (booking confirmation is to be sent no later than 24 hours before the arrival).

Travel documents
all your services ordered and paid will be confirmed by the voucher sent by the company. Using it you 'll be able to accomodate at the hotel, take ordered tickets for train at our Kyiv's office or our tourist partners in other Ukrainian cities and be provided with all services included in it.

In the Price for hotels you can find hotels our company constantly works with. In case you want to book a hotel not included into the list, please send E-mail.
Western standards can be applied only to a few hotels in Ukraine. Air conditioning does not exist.In some cities (Ternopil, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Rivne, Yalta /summer season/) constant hot water may be lacking. Sometimes elevators don't work operatively. When you check into the hotel, your passport will be held at the reception desk at least for 24 hrs.

Booking a transfer you are asked to send by E-mail the following information: the kind of transfer you need, arrival and departure time, train or flight number.

Road transport
Guaranteed chauffeured services Renting a self-drive car (for now possible only in Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv) is NOT recommended, however CHAUFFEURED car services are available in all major cities.
In Price for transportation you can find tariffs for transporting by car (1-2 pax with luggage), by van (3-8 pax with luggage). Transportation can be made by cars: Opel, Mazda, Volga, Moskvich; by van : Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes, RAF Lux.
If you are interested in routes not mentioned in the table, send E-mail message.
Pay attention to the Note: transport services prices on weekends, holidays and at night (10:00 pm - 6:00 am) are increa .

Train transportation
If you need tickets for trains not mentioned in our table or shedules of definite trains, send E-mail message.

Airtickets over Ukraine
Domestic flights over Ukraine are made according to the shedule changed twice a year. Flights between regional centres of Ukraine aren't performed everyday except the following cities: Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa. That's why if you need airticket reservation, you are requested to give definite terms of travel as information is to be requested additionally.
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